The Popularity of Night Golf

In steps the funny but novel glow in the dark night golf balls. These balls are not some random novelty item. An entire night golf industry has been built up around them. The balls are professionally manufactured with the goal of allowing you to play as real as possible. So because of these balls, you and your buddies can finish those last few rounds of golf while finishing your beers and finalizing those business conversations.

Like I mentioned above, an entire industry of night golfing has been created over the years. There are entire packages you can purchase to set up your course for evening golf. A package consists of materials to make the flag poles glow in the dark, lighting to wrap the golf carts so everyone can see each other and of course the glow in the dark balls. These packages are great to use for golf tournaments. Golf tournaments are obviously a great way for companies to get out and have some fun, but imagine how much more fun everyone would have if the tournament was held at night.

Are you wondering exactly how a glow in the dark golf ball works? It’s quite simple actually. The manufactures have made a ball out of special materials which allow it to be clear and it has a slot for a small glow stick to be inserted into the golf ball. The balls feature a standard dimple pattern and for all intensive purposes hit the same as a standard golf ball. Of course you wouldn’t play a PGA tournament with them, but for fun rounds of golf or some after hours practice by yourself, they are perfect!

The benefit to this design where you place a small glow stick inside for the glow effect is that you can play night golf anytime you want. You simply replace the small glow stick with a new one. These glow sticks are very cheap, around 10-20cents each. And each glow stick lasts about 6 hours. This all sounds pretty cheap and easy to enjoy some night golf right? Well it really is! So what are you waiting for; get on out there and play some golf at night.

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