Top 10 Golf Courses in Malaysia

If you are in Malaysia and love golfing, why not take a swing on our many golf courses. Read on to find out where the best golf courses in the nation are:

Royal Selangor.

It’s quite old but definitely has been well-kept and remodelled and is soon to be the host for the Malaysian national tournament pretty soon.

Kuala Lumpur Golf &Country Club (KLGCC)

This world-class golf course is home to some of the popular golf tournaments internationally and offers a convenient and comfortable stay while you are out at the green fields.


Just outside Kuala Lumpur is a beautifully designed golf course dominated by the tin mine lake. This is definitely every golfer’s paradise. The Mines resort is just the perfect place to put up a night to fully enjoy your experience here; what more since it is also a great family destination.

Horizon Hills

This was the venue for the Iskandar Johor Open recently and features dramatic elevations, waterfalls and a beautiful scenery to go along with it.


Looking for a challenge? The course here at Saujana promises a good test of skill and patience and a great view to complete your day.

Kota Permai

The host venue for international professional competitions, this golf course is definitely world class and you just have to come here to take a swing!

Clearwater Sanctuary, Perak

The 27 holes here and the spectacular view of the rolling hills in the background complimented by lakes and rain trees make the golf course a great place to enjoy a day golfing to your heart’s content.

Templer Park

When in Kuala Lumpur, the Templer Park is a must visit to just enjoy the spectacular view and the best of nature. Templer Park is also home to a great golf course and it has won the hearts of many golfers who are in search of a great golf site.

Cinta Sayang.

Golfers love Cinta Sayang because it is conveniently located in a resort area were families can put up, enjoy a day at the resort while the golfers do their thing at the course. What’s more is that the resort is located in the small town of Sungai Petani, Kedah; a perfect place for a quiet and secluded gateway!


Moving on to West Malaysia, the best golf course by far is definitely this one. It’s fine quality and beautiful scenery here has earned acknowledgement from respected designers of all things golf.

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