World’s Best Driving Ranges

In recent years, driving range facilities have taken a major step forward in terms of infrastructure and technology. Driving ranges are no longer fake patches of astro turf lined up next to each other with flimsy rubber tees, distant targets and a guy in a little cart with a cage over it driving around to collect the balls.

There are new golf uber centers popping up in every area of the country, featuring technologies ranging from heated bays to tees that load themselves to GPS innovations that can tell you exactly where your shot has landed. Yes, nearly every corner of the country now has a golf driving range that will shock and impress even the most seasoned golfer.

New York City is a tough place to be a golfer with the concrete jungle, masses of people and sprawling sky scrapers. Luckily, The Golf Club, located in New York City’s Chelsea Piers, can make you forget that you’re not enjoying a wide open course in Florida or Arizona. The Golf Club is a four-tiered range that stays open year round. It sits along the scenic Hudson River and the tees actually retract and reload themselves, so you won’t ever have to bend down to prepare a ball for your next shot. This facility also offers its members swing analysis from the instructors at Piers’ indoor training center and much more.

Across the country on the other coast, Los Angeles also has its fair share of excellent golf practice venues. Aroma Wilshire Center, located on LA’s Wilshire Boulevard, features golf practice areas both in and out doors, so on the rare occasions where Southern California is too hot or rainy, you’re still able to practice your golf. Like The Golf Club in New York, this facility features automated tees and a fantastic pneumatic/height adjustment ability.

In Dallas, there is Top Golf, which has so many fun innovations you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a playground and a video arcade for adults who love to golf. Each ball you hit at Top Golf comes embedded with a micro chip so you can track all your shots and even win some prizes based on how well you perform. The facility gives you targets to hit, and you get points for getting closer and closer. Top Golf actually rewards its golfers for their improvement. Top Golf also features a fitting area where computer technology will help you create the absolute perfect set of custom clubs. Finally, when you’re done with the practicing, make sure to stop by Top Golf’s bar and restaurant area, which is one of the finest recreational venues in all of Texas.

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